Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to Give a Man Good Head

Men love to receive head - if it's good that is. There's so many things you can accomplish by giving your husband or boyfriend great head, I know it may seem shallow - but yes, men are that "simple" sometimes. I believe that good sex, well - the lack of it, is the core of all problems that occur in marriages and relationships. With oral sex - you can spice your sex life up - with great oral sex, you'll be happily ever after. It's not easy to explain the benefits, since every guy is different and nothing is guaranteed, but you'll see the results once you start giving him truly amazing orgasms.

So... how you do do it? What's "the thing"? First and foremost, you need to change the way you view oral sex. Many women look at it as a chore, as if it's work. That's not the right way to view it. Believe it or not, guys have feelings too - and sex is more psychological than physical, so a good "technique" may help, but is more or less ineffective if you have the wrong mindset when giving your man head.

Get it out of your head that it's work - it's not work, it's pleasure. View it as pleasure for both of you, even if you think you're not getting any pleasure out of it now - in the long run, you'll see the benefits and you'll start enjoying it. If you're not giving good head at the moment, it's possible that you're not enjoying it. I mean, who enjoys something they're bad at? Not many. But by reversing your thinking - making yourself BELIEVE that you truly enjoy the whole thing, you'll actually be a lot better.

Simple things like this can make a big difference, and I urge you to try changing your mindset. Since after that everything will be a lot easier and more satisfying for both of you. Too many articles and magazines out there are telling you about a special "technique" - of course there are really really good techniques out there - but get the right attitude first, and techniques second. That's the only way those techniques will be truly effective and help you give your man the best head he ever got. Imagine the smile on his face and the shift this can make in your relationship... I've seen it happen, countless times.

Just so you don't say I didn't give you any "practical tips" in this article, I'll give you 1, not more than one, because I know you still want the "techniques" before getting down the right mindset.

The One and Only Practical Tip

- Use MORE pressure. 90% of girls are TOO soft and don't have a tight enough grip around his shaft. I'm not saying you should break his shaft in half and tear it apart, I'm just saying "give it a bit more pressure" and that will make a big difference.

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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