Thursday, September 2, 2010

Why It's Important To Swallow When Giving Great Head

Giving great head is an art that bonds you to your lover or lovers. It's a skill that's in great demand and if you become an expert it will set you apart from being just average, your lovers will remember you with such an intense fondness that they will never forget you. And of course once you've found the "one" you will be able to keep him satisfied with you, just you, forever.

So, it's that important to give that much attention to sucking cock. Get very familiar with the techniques and tricks, experiment, and perfect them. You'll make yourself and your guy very happy. As has already been noted in the title, swallowing is of the utmost importance to giving great head. It's the grand finale. Screw this up and it will ruin the entire moment.

A man's semen is his energy, his life force, it's potent, it's powerful. Swallow it down and be glad, eat it, lick it up, swirl it around in your mouth and say thank you. It's even appropriate to tell you lover before the act that you want him to feed you. So hot. It will be sure to get an instant rise out of him.

During evolution it was the man's job to hunt and feed his women, we're not very far removed from our historical past, that's what makes swallowing your guy's come so hot, it's primal.

Tell him how great it tastes. If it doesn't taste great, then have him eat more fruit and especially more pineapple, that will sweeten his semen up tremendously. It works. When it's about to come, open your mouth wide grab his cock and shove it in your mouth.

Either take it deep down your throat or catch it on your tongue. If you catch it on your tongue, stick it out and show your guy all that precious come. Down swallow it and lip your lips. Mmmm.

In addition to swallowing a gal's got to know how to properly suck cock to put on a complete show. It's important to watch the pros of porn to hone your own personal style from watching them. These girls whack that cock across their face, they spit on it, they deep throat it, they use their hands to engulf the entire shaft with lovin'.

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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