Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to Give a Guy Good Head

When you’re giving a guy head, you first need to relax. Don’t worry if you mess up, it’s not the end of the world. It’s normal that he won’t orgasm every time, just accept it and be cool with it. Emotions tend to jump from person to person, so when you get nervous and all hyped up – he’ll also get more nervous. And you don’t want that happening. You want him to relax, to be able to enjoy the experience. (Well sometimes you might be using a different blow job style, but let’s say you just want to have some nice, relaxing time after a long week of work).

Get him into a comfortable position, get him to relax. Maybe even drink some wine, chat nonchalantly and be seductive with him. He’ll know what’s going on after a few looks. You need to get him mentally prepared and you don’t want him in his head. And you shouldn’t be in your head either. Thinking is the number one reason most women give bad head – they’re overanalyzing things and just thinking, and thinking and thinking while giving head – and making these “why didn’t he orgams yet?” and “am i doing it right?” faces which aren’t pleasant – AND put pressure on the guy.

Just have fun with it, if you mess up – so what? Big deal. It will happen again, next time it will be better, and over practice, and once you aquire right knowledge, it will be a piece of cake.

Just one practical tip for you girls – experiment with different pressure points. Different parts of his penis need a different amount of pressure, and a different sort of stimulation. All you need it the right combination. Yes, every guy is different – but at the same time – every guy is a GUY and has pretty similar things they prefer.


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