Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to Give Road Head

Hey there miss,

Do you want a guy that will love you more than he could ever love any other women on this planet? Do you want a guy who will be sexually satisfied and who will never even think about cheating on you? Do you want a happy, well balanced relationship with a man that will admire you? If the answer to any of these questions is yes – then today is a happy day for you. Because I’ve got exactly what you need to accomplish the things above...

The basis of a great blow job is not a special “secret” or whatever technique – yes, techniques can help, but they’re not what you’re looking for. What you’re looking for is a great attitude – once you have the right attitude about giving your man blow jobs, only then you’ll be able to truly satisfy him.

So what’s “the right attitude”, you might ask?

1 – Start truly enjoying it

Yep. No one want so look at a girl that’s bored and looks as if she’s doing this only because it’s a chore. It shouldn’t be a chore. That’s not the point. The guy then feels as if he was forcing you to do it and then Both of you enjoy it far less. Why are you having such a bad attitude? Maybe because you know you’re not that good at it, or you have no idea what you’re doing or some other made up reason. Let me tell you something – once you really learn how to give head you’ll love it more than you can believe it.

Once you can make him happy any day of the week, once you see a constant smile in his face and when he’s cool and relaxed, helps you out around the house, brings you flowers, loves you and cares about you, once you see the impact great blow jobs can have on your relationship/marriage, you’ll be more than amazed. Try it and see it for yourself.

2 – The basics

Maintain eye contact and smile from time to time. Your goal in the beginning, and actually till the end of the blowjob is to convey how much you’re enjoying it to him. He has to see the love and passion for giving him head in your eyes – believe it or not, a man’s orgasm also comes from the mind as well. That’s why you need to spike his emotions, spike his head, arouse him completely by letting him know that you love giving him head.

I’m pretty sure it happened to you that a guy can’t orgasm, or that he loses his erection during sex, or he can’t get it up – if it didn’t, I assure you, it will so be prepared for it. This is pure evidence that sex is a lot more mental than psysical – not just for women, but for men as well. So stop focusing and searching for “special secret superduper technique zxy” and look for the real stuff.

3 – Destroy Distractions

You don’t want to leave your cell phone on and you don’t want any stupid distractions around, because these things can only – well, distract you both. It’s important that both you and him can relax and that you are in a comfortable position – you’ll be unable to enjoy giving him head if you feel uncomfortable in that position. So make sure you choose the best possible position for giving head.

Good luck and have fun – remember, it’s NOT work, so stop making the “I’m working on an important project while giving you head and that why I’m so serious” face :)

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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