Friday, September 10, 2010

How To Give Your Boyfriend Good Head

So maybe you've been dating your boyfriend so a while now and you just don't think your sex life is all that hot, or maybe you've landed a hot new boyfriend and you want to surprise him with something different in the bedroom? Either way, it's always very important to spice up your sex life and keep learning new ways to please your man.

Chances are that your blow job skills probably aren't that great, most guys give their girlfriends low marks when it comes to giving head, so you may not even know it but you most likely fall into the average category.

What are you doing wrong? Well, things like your speed, stroke, and pressure could be all wrong. When it comes to giving an awesome mind blowing blow job you have to get into a great rhythm, applying perfect pressure. Vary your speeds from slower to faster. Also, use that tongue, do not forget to give it a swirl around the penis head from time to time, this also varies the sensations and you'll notice a very happy satisfied look on your boyfriend's smiling face.

Using your hands to cause even greater pleasure is paramount to giving good head. Don't ignore the step children. What do I mean by that? I mean don't ignore his testicles, they're very important to a full and complete blow job experience. Gently stroke them will your hands, especially the area just underneath the testicles, where the prostate and perineum lie. Give them a nice slow licking now and again, and ask him if he "likes that" in your sexiest voice.

You will blow his mind. Let him know that you're a girl that takes care of her man's deepest fantasies.

Positioning yourself to give get head it so important. Many women fumble around to find a good position after they get to the bedroom. This is a mistake. It's best to begin your blow job as foreplay and a wonderful spot is right on the couch. Feeling awkward? Get on your knees and slide in between his legs for his maximum visual satisfaction. Show your submissive, feminine side, it's going to drive him absolutely wild.

Use your eyes to tell him how much you love his penis and how much you're enjoying it. Show him a side of yourself that he never know existed. It's all about being a lady on the streets and a freak between the sheets, as the saying goes. Your boyfriend is going to love you for it, whether he's a new guy or and old one, improving your oral skills is going to open up a whole new dimension to your sex life.

-written by our guest author, Jenny

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