Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to Give Head

Even if you feel you know how to give great head already, you may find something in this article that may further blow your man's mind. When you completed foreplay and his dick is proud and erect you have two options - One is that you immediately start giving him head, jump right in there or you can slowly tease him and make him wait.

Both options are fine, it all depends on the mood you're in. If it's a quick blow job in an elevator (we'll talk more about locations later) then yeah - go for the first option. But if you're more relaxed, at home, just having fun then why not make him wait just a bit. By taking your time, you build his anticipation and arousal to an incredible level.

Talk dirty to him, massage your breasts with his shaft, tickle his dick with your nails, softly touch the inside of his legs. Tickle his balls. All this will make him go crazy. But don't wait too long 'cause it can be frustrating. You have to know when to stop with the teasing.

When you're finished with foreplay you have several techniques you can try out. The options are endless actually. The art is combining all of them, using the right one's at the right time and being ready for the grand finale. So, here are a few things you will be using.

Stroking Some girls have absolutely no idea how to give head. Why on earth do they use only their mouth? Use your hands. You have to use everything you can, you're mouth is just part of the blow job. You have your hands, tongue, nails, breath, teeth (don't use them if you're a beginner 'cause it can be really painful for your partner), voice, words. Everything.

So, hold that cock and stroke it. Almost always, while you're giving him head, while you're holding his cock in your mouth also hold it in your hand and stroke it. The important thing about stroking is Tempo and Pressure. Tempo is the speed you stroke it at, the pace. Usually as the blow job is going from beginning to end you have to slowly increase the tempo of stroking. Especially in the end.

For most guys it's impossible to cum if you're not stroking it at least a bit. It's hard to put enough pressure on the shaft by using only your mouth. Never let your hands lie still and go unused when you give head.

Your mouth Well, to be honest - the bigger the better. Most guys prefer looking at nice big lips and a big mouth. Somehow we linked up in our mind that a big mouth equals a great blow job. I guess the porn industry should be blamed for that. Actually in reality the size of your mouth is not so important... I already said earlier that you should drink some water before giving head. The easier your mouth slides on his cock, from the head to the end the better. Make sure you make his dick as wet as possible. Spit on it if you must. Don't be afraid to suck hard, a lot of us enjoy it that way.

Your tongue Is your weapon of mass explosion. Use it while your lips are locked over the head of his cock, do some tornado moves round his head. Pay particular attention to the frenulum, which is the loose patch of skin on the underside of the penis where the head meets the shaft. This is a very very sensitive area. Run your tongue along it. Guys just love it when you gently lick it there. Be creative. Use your tongue in every possible way... tease him with it.

As you hold his shaft stick your tongue out - look him in the eyes and say "aaaah" then lick the tip of his head and give him a naughty smile. Guys just love that. You have to be like a Pornstar. It is REALLY attractive if your tongue is pierced by the way... When you stick your tongue out you actually make more space in your mouth so you can get the shaft in deeper. I'll talk about deepthroating in a separate article later.

His Head The head of a cock is the top of it. That is the most sensitive part of our dick and it is also the part you will stimulate the most. Do not use you're teeth on this part - ever. I know, some girls are more experienced and know how to stimulate it with their teeth, but why take a risk? It is possible that just as you start to bite his head softly he loses control and tries to ram his shaft deeper into your beautiful wet mouth and thereby he injures himself. I'm just telling you - it's an unnecessary risk.

His Shaft Almost always have your hand in a firm grip around it. It's a beautiful feeling for us and it will be easier for you to control his cock while giving him head. You could use both hands actually.

His Balls Are very sensitive. So be gentle with them. They are after all our manhood, and when giving head you have the power to take good care of them - or destroy them. Licking, sucking and gently kissing his balls is very erotic. He'll love it.

Also while you're sucking his head and stroking his shaft by twisting it back and forth - use your other hand to slowly massage his balls. This is a wonderful feeling for guys. And if You do it, I guarantee he will cum like crazy.
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