Sunday, August 15, 2010

How to Give Amazing Head - And Literally Blow Him Away

Do you want to give your boyfriend/husband truly amazing head? Do you want him to actually REMEMBER the occasion? Do you want him to want you and only you? Well yeah, then you obviously need to give him some great head. “Why are men so simple, it’s not all about sex”, I can hear some of you say. To be honest… men are pigs. We are just simple animals. Of course, your personality matters (once you are in a relationship etc.) but before, when we are just kind of hitting it off, sex is basically what creates a connection believe it or not

And if you can differentiate yourself from all those women out there that are CLUELESS in bed, let alone about giving head, then, believe me – you’ll be a one of a kind girl that won’t be easy to let go. Blowjobs are essential for keeping a guy happy and turned on at you – and no one else. It’s all about capturing his imagination and truly turning on his senses when giving him head.

Oral has so much in it, it’s a physiological turn on for men, and many of us naturally need a feeling of power. And if you know how to give it to us, basically any man can get addicted to you. Ask around, ask some older women you know what they think is important in bed. Some are still clueless, but the more experienced one’s will all tell you what counts. Yes… it’s the power of giving amazing head.

Now I know many of you are insecure about it, not sure what you should do, how you should do it, why you should do it, what if you gag, what if your neck hurts, what if he doesn’t cum, what if what if what if. Which technique should you use etc. All this and more is answered in my book. But before you go there, I’d like to give you one simple tip, just as starters…

Tune into your senses.

Yeah, I didn’t tell you “suck his c$#k in an angle of 67 degrees and then…”, I just told you to try to tune into your senses. The best, most hardcore blowjobs I’ve gotten were from women that knew how to “feel it”, feel the flow, the energy, the power behind the whole thing. The only way you can do that is by letting go, and truly being in the moment, enjoying every second of it. This is what will make you truly amazing at giving head, and unforgettable for many men…

Passion girls, passion

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack

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